Future of Governance Summit

Friday, Sep 8
10:00 — 17:00

Future of Governance Summit

Governance, Technological development, Digital market, Digital democracy,

Summits are one-day gatherings where a diverse group of people come together to discuss the bigger picture, share insights, and challenge best practices. They are invitation-only and have limited seats, so you need to apply to join a summit.


Facing and embracing the impact of technological development on politics and society.


Technological shifts have shown to have significant impact on many of the systems fundamental to the way governments run and operate.


At the same time, new technologies and services have become essential resources which we rely on in building our societies. Despite this interdependence the dialogue between the public sector and change makers in the private sector is limited.


Structural change in innovation has increased the distance between the people at the forefront of innovation and those leading our societies. This is a democratic problem undermining our society’s ability to face new technology as well as deciding on how it should be implemented.


The summit will provide a platform for this discussion. Inviting a new generation of leaders in public and private sectors as well as digitalists from NGOs we aim to discuss how technology can be a tool for improved government.


Key questions:


  • How can technology be used to improve how we use our democratic rights?
  • How will technological development affect international relations and global governance?
  • How should governments support and create digital markets?
  • What role should governments play in regulating disruptive technologies?




10:00 Registration

10:15 Introduction
10:30 Welcome speech by Mogens Lykketoft

11:00 Block 1: Digital Diplomacy & Global Governance

  • Philipp Sälhoff (Das Progressive Zentrum Berlin), Francisco Cordoba (Red Diaspora Colombia), Ben Rhee (Global Challenges Foundation)

12:00 Block 2: Blockchain in a Governance Context

  • David Bauman (Xelmo), Mats Snäll (Swedish National Land Survey)

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Block 3: Digital Strategy for Governments

  • Lenard Koschwitz (Allied for Startups), Christian Ougaard (Transparency International), Reema Patel (Royal Society of Arts, Commerce and Manufactures), Noah Sturis (Alternativet)

15:00 Block 4: Sharing Economy

  • Sara Green Brodersen (deemly), Melusine Reimers (Readymade Furniture), Alessandro Merletti De Palo (Cooperacy), Märt Volmer (Estonian Embassy in Denmark)

16:00 Wrap-up




Digital Diplomacy & Global Governance

– How technology affects politics on a global arena.


  • What general challenges and opportunities does the digital transformation entail for the field of international relations?
  • How can governments, international organizations and the tech industry work together to use tech as a tool to improve international relations?
  • As technology allows as well as expects us to communicate faster than ever, how does this affect the relationship between foreign ministries and their diplomats abroad?
  • What are the main factors holding back innovation and preventing implementation of new technologies in the global governance system?



– How governments should approach blockchain technology and how we can make sure the technology finds applications benefiting society.


  • How can governments work to stay on top of disruption coming from the blockchain technology?
  • What legislative framework is needed for a continued implementation of blockchain technology in industries and public services?
  • How can actors from the private and public sector work together to find applications of the blockchain technology?
  • What international platforms are needed in coping with the global nature of blockchain services?


Digital Strategy for Governments

– How governments can improve their work on digital strategies, and how the collaboration between governments and the tech sector can be deepened in the field of tech policy.


  • How can governments and the tech industry better work together in order to – at an early stage – identify the challenges and opportunities that technological development brings?
  • How does changing industry structures affect the collaboration between government and industry?
  • How can the technology and startup scene better work and organize to promote their interests to governments?
  • What best practices are there in this field? How can countries and companies learn from each other?  


Sharing Economy

– How sharing economy can contribute to society and how governments should approach the industry.


  • What lessons can be taken from the growth and the debate around sharing economy services?
  • How can we better assess the value of sharing economy services?
  • How is sharing economy changing the way we want to own and consume utilities, and how does this affect governments?
  • How can the industry create standards and promote the benefits of sharing economy?
  • What role does governments have in regulating the sharing economy industry?




With the Future of Governance Summit our aim is to create a platform to discuss the relationship between governments and the tech sector. We strive to create a highly participatory event and are looking forward to get your thoughts and experiences on how a constructive dialogue between the tech sector and public institutions can evolve.


Share – Listen – Discuss


We look forward to hearing from you before, during and after the summit. Feel free to reach out to us any time, and don’t hesitate to ask questions during the panel discussions, these are vital parts of the event.

Summit Hosts: Daniel Ekström & Anna Bremer

From diplomatic circles in Beijing to co-living in Stockholm, Daniel is a connector driven to force the other perspective.

By working in different position in the innovation system – from governmental think-tanks to young startup companies – Daniel has experienced the lack of dialogue by the two most important change makers on the 21st century – governments and technology companies.


Daniel Ekström

With experience from government administration, NGOs and the Berlin startup ecosystem, Anna is exploring new possibilities within the field of international politics.

Driven by the belief that a more equal world is possible, Anna seeks to combine traditional and innovative approaches to issues such as disarmament and global governance.

Twitter: @bremeranna

Anna Bremer
* Summits are invitational one-day gatherings at the heart of Techfestival, each hosted by distinct thought leaders. Real talk on the topics where we need it most. A diverse group of experts within a specific field comes together to discuss the bigger picture, and to share and challenge best practices.   Event photo by: Rodian Kutsaev.
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