Govtech Summit

Friday, Sep 6
10:00 — 16:30

Govtech Summit

Democracy, Cities, Sustain, Information,

This summit is curated in collaboration with the Agency of Digitisation, as part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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Exploring procurement practices in the public sector

We would like to welcome you to a deep-dive into the digital transformation of the public sector. During the Govtech Summit we will fill the room with representatives from both the public and the private sector to discuss when is Govtech working and when isn’t it, and what does it take to know. 

Scandinavia is by some seen as the crown jewel of the welfare states, but if we want to keep that position we need to foster progress on how we utilise digital solutions in public services. With an ageing population, the political vision states that it is digital solutions that will keep the quality of welfare high when tax revenues are declining. But taking a reality-check, what does this vision in require? Is there an easy technical fix or will we realise that the digital revolution was not only about the tools themselves? Instead, it might be about how we organise, the kind of questions we dare pose and our understanding of the problems we are trying to solve. Finally, it is about our willingness to fail and learn. 

The transformation of the way bureaucracy works is inevitable, and it demands change in leadership, technological skills and understanding, and finally change in working methods. In the Govtech Summit, we will dive into this reality to explore the themes that a GovTech strategy should contain.

Key Questions to explore

  • How do politicians and public institutions keep the focus on identifying the problems before picking their solutions??
  • How do we create room to experiment in organizations that cannot do wrong?
  • What should be automatized and what shouldn’t? What are machines better at, and when should we leave the job for humans?
  • What are the skills needed for public servants procuring and designing govtech systems?

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Who are your summit hosts?

Måns Adler (SWED)

Måns is Head of Malmö Civic Lab a Malmö City initiative trying to force brute a digital transformation into the public sector of Malmö City. He was formerly the Tech Director at the world-renowned digital product studio Ustwo. Måns is also the founder of Bambuser a startup pioneering live mobile video streaming since 2006 which IPO:ed in 2017. His professional portfolio includes work for Linden Labs (Second Life) in San Francisco, setting up a Public makers lab at STPLN in Malmö together with the research institute Medea at Malmö University. Måns is also co-author of the book “Making futures – Marginal notes on Innovation, Design and Democracy” published at MIT Press. He was awarded The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences Ambient Award in 2010.


Kiann Stenkjær Hein (DK)

Kiann is the Managing Director of PUBLIC Danmark. She is the former Head of Digitalisation and IT Strategy in the Danish Ministry of Taxation and adviser at the Digital Taskforce of the Danish Ministry of Finance. Kian is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Danish National Digitalisation Strategy. She holds 20+ years of govtech experience in Denmark and international organisations including at the UN HQ in New York. Kiann is passionate about transforming the public sector by new technology. She is a dedicated digital strategist striving to make tomorrow better than today, and she takes pride in helping startups to jump onboard this journey and to help them get good ideas off the ground. Kiann is a keen networker who strongly believes in the dynamics of paying it forward and is focused on the Govtech ecosystem and the need to build and strengthen it in Denmark and across Europe.

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