Happiness in Tech Companies

Wednesday, Sep 5
17:00 — 19:00
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Happiness in Tech Companies

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NB: Capacities are limited. Please RSVP to register, and arrive in good time to secure your spot!

Most people spend nearly ⅓ of their lives in the workplace and yet, workplace happiness is often overlooked in the face of a focus on profit, bureaucracy, and tight rules. In the tech world, an increasing number of people are starting to work in startups or on their own, moving away from traditional corporate mindsets.

In this Meetup, we ask whether it is possible to find a “magic potion” that combines creativity, a sense of ownership and real happiness in the workplace while working for a “big” company – or is such feelings of happiness and creativity only possible in a free-spirited startup environment?

Your Host and Speakers

Mila Lukic is a curious know-it-all, who has never been afraid to throw herself in the unknown and figure things out as she goes along, as long as it made sense to her, it was intellectually challenging and contributed to society. She has been a professional violin player and worked for seven years at Maersk Line. Mila is now exploring the tech world.

Maja Neducic is Vega IT’s Chief People Officer and has a background in Industrial Psychology. We all have our priorities, and Maja believes that the most valuable assets of any enterprise are the people that staff it. While our designers and builders continuously push the boundaries of the game, she checks in to make sure that we are all keeping a cool head and operating at peak efficiency.

Nevena is an ASP.NET specialist, and is always exploring the varied field of .NET languages available to programmers to write supported code in.

Mogens Nørgaard is a well sought-after speaker for his different approach to, well everything. An anarchist, businessman,  trend-setter, devil’s advocate and an absolutely wonderful man, Mogens will keep you entertained, make you laugh while making you rethink everything you thought was right or wrong. He is the founder of many tech companies including Miracle, Fair & Square, CIMA Technologies as well as co-founder of Det Gode Firma. Alongside his entrepreneurial drive, Mogens is a passionate investor, blogger and speaker.

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