How does the next generation work?

Friday, Sep 6
18:00 — 19:00
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How does the next generation work?

How does the Next Generation work?

Join us for a conversation on the future of work: today’s companies and employers are engaging a new generation Z. What are their dreams and wishes for a meaningful work life? How do they perceive a tech sector under massive transformation?

Join this talk about how to create healthy work culture; build tools for the next generation of digital nomads.


Jacob Ohrvik-Stott (UK)
Jacob is a Senior Researcher at Doteveryone. His work looks at the impact of digital technologies on society, and explores how regulation, policy change and public engagement can be used to change this relationship for the better. He is a member of digital advisory boards for the Scottish Government and the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, and is a fellow of the British Council’s 2019 Future Leaders. Prior to joining Doteveryone Jacob worked in energy and climate policy, and in science engagement running youth panels, deliberative research and science festivals.

Jessie Scheepers (ZA)

Jessie focuses her time in building a supportive and people-centric workplace at fintech company Pleo.
Being South African and having worked in multiple markets at scale-ups throughout EMEA, her perspective comes from different cultures, backgrounds, and contexts.
She strongly believes that all companies can build better, healthier workplaces through delegation, trust, and listening to employees.


Dan Gärdenfors (SE)

Dan runs design studio with a silly name, in Malmö. His favourite work activity is to create vision videos in different topics, such as the future of co-working spaces. After almost 20 years working as a designer in the tech industry, you can throw most types of design, communication and innovation challenges his way.
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