How to Build a Rocket

Friday, Sep 7
17:30 — 18:30
Access with wristband

How to Build a Rocket

Youth, Energy, Start,

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Rocket science is always the go-to allegory when describing something complex, but can it be explained more easily? For this Meetup, we invite people to hear about the experiences of rocket enthusiasts, including trade-offs and compromises, first-steps towards launching a rocket, what it is like to participate in the ‘Spaceport America cup’, and the launch of a sounding rocket to nine kilometers altitude. We will also be showcasing a demo engine of our own design.

Your host and speakers

Mikkel Sterup is a Mechanical Engineering student at the Technical University of Denmark and a Member of DanSTAR: the Danish Student Association for Rocketry. This is the first student association in Denmark designing, developing and testing its own rocket and rocket engines.

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