Investor Summit

Friday, Sep 6
10:00 — 16:30
Access with wristband

Investor Summit

This summit is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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A Meaningful Conversation About the Future of Venture Capital

The world of venture capital is in flux. What used to be an esoteric asset class has developed into one of the most impactful, funding all but a few of today’s most valuable companies. This has propelled the once small asset class into the mainstream, often being accused of allocating Saudi Arabian capital into law-breaking scooter companies operating out of tax havens. But is this the full picture? And is venture capital ready to live up to the responsibility that comes with building the behemoths of tomorrow?

Our goal is to start a conversation about the topics normally reserved for intimate dinner parties – under Chatham House rules of trusted conversations. A conversation about responsibility, new perspectives and changing structures on capital allocation.

The Five Distinct Themes of the Day:

The European Innovation Model

  • What makes us different from Silicon Valley?
  • Will we ever win by playing their game?
  • Can we leverage the differences to build distinctively European companies?

Restructuring The Funding Backend

  • Is it time for VC to abandon the 2/20 model?
  • What are our alternatives?
  • What role does LPs play in leading the change?

VCs as Responsible Shareholders

  • What’s our role as shareholders and board members – especially when our companies get out of hand?
  • Can we be the drivers of change or will we forever be ‘just investors’?

Alternative ways of Building Companies

  • Bootstrapping, business loans, and government grants. Is the alternative to venture good enough to be a viable path for founders?

A New Perspective on Venture

  • What do the new talents entering the venture industry today care about?
  • How will they shape it over the next 10 years?
  • How will our industry reward new ideas?

In order to create something interactive and meaningful, the event will be capped at 30 participants. This is a conversation, not a conference. No audience, only participants.

Who are your hosts?

Christian Jantzen (DK)

Christian made his first investment at age fourteen when he bought shares in his favourite football club. He later started his first company in 2011, which he grew while finishing his university degree. Following this, he co-founded and raised funding for his own startup, before finally settling as a full-time investor when starting Futuristic in 2017. A stronger investor than he ever was as an operator, he likes supporting ambitious founders in their quest for building category-defining companies.

Harry Briggs (UK)

In his role as Managing Partner in OMERS Ventures, Harry is responsible for researching and executing on investment opportunities and supporting portfolio companies post-investment. Prior to OMERS Ventures, Harry was a Founding Partner of BGF Ventures, an early-stage venture fund, focused on UK technology companies. Before BGF, Harry was a Principal at Balderton Capital, one of Europe’s leading venture firms, where he initiated investments such as The Hut Group, Revolut, GoCardless, Lyst, Touch Surgery, Magic Pony and Appear Here. Harry was the youngest investor to make it into the first Midas List Europe as one of Europe’s “25 best venture capitalists” in 2017. 

Before becoming a venture capital investor, Harry co-founded Firefly Tonics, a health drinks company, which he helped build into a luxury brand with customers in 35 countries, before selling to Langholm Capital. Harry holds a degree in Experimental Psychology from Oxford.

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