Khora Virtual Reality presents: VR in Healthcare with Thomas Saaby

Friday, Sep 8
17:00 — 20:00
Access with wristband

Khora Virtual Reality presents: VR in Healthcare with Thomas Saaby

Virtual Reality, Health,

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During the Techfestival, Khora Virtual Reality opens its doors for a talk about the many uses of virtual reality in the healthcare sector.

Whether VR is used for pain distraction, treatment of phobias, recreation for seniors, training for surgery, rehabilitation of patients – or something entirely else, there is no doubt that virtual reality is beneficial in healthcare. 

Join us in a discussion about these benefits and get a hands-on experience of some of our virtual reality productions made for the healthcare sector.
Experience what it is like to be inside a MRI scanner and if you’re afraid of dogs, why not try our exposure therapy VR app?

The talk will be presented by Thomas Saaby Noer, Head of Healthcare at Khora Virtual Reality.  


About Thomas:
homas Saaby Noer has worked in the Danish public healthcare sector developing innovative concepts to improve services and tools for the healthcare system. He is now leading multiple healthcare projects leveraging the immersive power of virtual reality at Khora.
Twitter: @ThomasSaaby 


17.00 – 18.00: Check-in and try our VR healthcare apps;
18.00 – 18.45: Thomas Saaby will present ‘VR in Healthcare’ + Q&A session;
18.45 – 20.00: Try our VR healthcare apps and network 


To access the meetup you need a wristband from Techfestival (100DKK). If you already have a wristband, you still need to RSVP.
Get the wristband and RSVP here.
This event is sponsored by CopenX and Techfestival. 

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