Machine Ethics & Moral Markets Summit

Tuesday, Sep 5
09:00 — 17:00

Machine Ethics & Moral Markets Summit

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The latest developments in machine intelligence enable new forms of computer-driven pattern analysis, prediction, and sense-making.

Meanwhile, blockchain-based distributed trust systems are enabling new form of distributed and democratic processes that sidestep past existing infrastructure.

Machine ethics is an emerging discipline that enables ethical problems to be refined into something computational, that machines and humans can both understand rationally. Moral Markets on the blockchain can enable ethics and economics to be linked directly, and for particular ethical stances to float against each other in an ecosystem.

These respective ‘valuations’ may then inform moral decision-making algorithms with new weights. These new technologies can make ethical decisions calculable and transactional for the first time, and harness ethics directly to the twin horses of information technology and free markets, two great amplifiers and accelerators of human development.

Furthermore, Artificial Moral Advisors can help to inform human beings of the potential tradeoffs and repercussions of their decisions, and to help people to live more All of these new capabilities self-reinforce each other, and have the potential of reshaping the moral fabric of our society within a generation.

Key questions:

What methods can be best applied in designing ethical datasets for machine intelligence?

How might we most easily position society to view ethics more in terms of more or less preferable behaviour or outcomes, rather than simple right/wrong?

How can we implement Moral Markets in ways that enable them to have the greatest impact?

How ought an Artifical Moral Advisor to act in order to best encourage human flourishing? What knock-on effects can we expect from these technologies in terms of society and individual psychology?


Summits are by invitation-only and limited to 150 participants.  To join and contribute .

Summit Host:
 Nell Watson
This summit will be chaired by Nell Watson FBCS FRSA FIAP CITP, who is Faculty of AI & Robotics at Singularity University, Dean of Cognitive Science at The Exosphere Academy, and the Foresight Machine Ethics Fellow 2017.
Twitter: @nellwatson
Nell Watson
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