Smart Cities For and With People Masterclass

Thursday, Sep 6
16:30 — 17:00

Smart Cities For and With People Masterclass


There might be digital clouds and big data, but everyday life unfolds at eye level. How can we integrate the digital in planning by creating cities for people that use the technology available? And how can we use digital tools to include people in city planning? These are some of the questions, Birgitte Svarre from Gehl will reflect upon in her talk.

Birgitte Svarre, Gehl
Birgitte has been with Gehl for 10 years – she has a culturally analytical approach to the physical environment and specializes in the qualities of urban spaces and everyday life. She has worked with urban strategies in Bern and Moscow as well as a number of medium sized to smaller towns in the Nordic countries as well as in Germany. Birgitte is the co-author of the latest Gehl book, entitled ‘How to Study Public Life’. She has been a member of the think thank on smart cities for and by people, initiated by the Danish Ministery for Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs.

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