Making More Than One: Going Beyond the First Prototype

Thursday, Sep 6
14:30 — 15:30
Access with wristband

Making More Than One: Going Beyond the First Prototype

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NB: Capacities are limited. Please RSVP to register, and arrive in good time to secure your spot!

This Meetup is for people interested in scaling their businesses and projects. Perhaps you are part of a startup doing your first prototype, or perhaps you are trying to go beyond the first prototype and setting up production. If so – this Meetup is for you! We also welcome anyone with experience in having electronics made, as we would love your input and share experiences. Come along for an interactive, technical presentation and learn more about scaling your hardware projects.

Your Host and Speakers

Thomas Flummer is an electronics engineer, doing software development for a living and hacking on electronics and 3D printing for fun.

Søren Gerluf Sørensen is an Interaction Designer, doing early stage product and concept development for a living and playing around with everything from electronics, photography and making strange contraptions on the side.

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