MANIFEST! by Enigma Museum

Tuesday, Sep 5, 6, 7 & 8
Access with wristband

MANIFEST! by Enigma Museum

Internet, Manifesto, Narrative, Knowledge, Communication,

What we want from the internet

Since the invention of the electric telegraph, dreams and visions have carried the tale of a connected world. A world where the free flow of information makes physical distances irrelevant. A world, where knowledge is developed collaboratively. A world where the way we live, love and die is reconsidered.


The battle about the internet is also the battle of shaping the narrative. What do we want the internet to be and who is in charge? The Copenhagen-based Enigma Museum of Communication adds a new perspective with an exhibition on the manifestos of the digital age: From Vannevar Bushs thoughts of the World Wide Web in 1945 to John Perry Barlows Independence Declaration (1996), Haraways Cyborg Manifesto (1984) and Marinettis serenade to the beauty of speed and the destruction of museums in the Futurism Manifesto from 1909.

The MANIFEST! exhibition is located at Techfestival Main Area in the Meatpacking in the Container City.

Event photo by: Andrew Loke.

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