Masterclass: Distributed Design, Values and Applications

Thursday, Sep 5
17:00 — 18:00
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Masterclass: Distributed Design, Values and Applications

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Distributed Design – Values and Applications: with Kate Armstrong

Distributed Design is one outcome of the intersection of two global trends: the rise of the Maker Movement and the digitisation of the design discipline. Creative individuals are now able to design, produce and fabricate products whilst collaborating directly with producers, manufacturers and customers during the design and fabrication process. This convergence of the traditional aspects of the design process brings a new set of values, new principles, updated tools and revised business models to the design field. This Masterclass will focus on the values of Distributed Designs – their emergence in projects and in application across online and offline tools that reflect them. It is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and will feature the winners of the 2019 Distributed Design Award, Vivihouse.

Participants will take away:
  1. An understanding of what Distributed Design is and where it came from.
  2. An understanding of how values shape our definition of Distributed Design, what these values are and how they are enhancing the practices of designers, makers, artists and other creative professionals.
  3. Applications of these values in projects and digital platforms that are emerging to begin to define this new field of design.


Kate Amrstrong (UK)
Kate is a practice-driven creative with roots in cultural management, community engagement and audience development. A Design and Business undergraduate, she holds a Master of Arts and Society from Utrecht University, where she developed her research interest in the causality between the creative industries and climate change. She is currently based at the Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC, where with an incredibly talented team she is using creative tools to translate cutting-edge research and innovation from papers to the people. Here she also leads the Distributed Design Market Platform, a four year project funded by Creative Europe and sits on the Management Board of the Fab City Foundation where her role is dedicated to communications and network coordination.

Nikolas Kichler (AT)
Nikolas is one of the three initiators of the vivihouse project. He holds a master’s degree in architecture and studied in Vienna and Delft. During his studies, the question of how city dwellers can take an active role in shaping their environment became one of his main concerns. This has also led him to topics such as the Commons and Peer Production, which is why he became part of the Commons-Institut in Germany. After practising in various architectural offices in Berlin and Vienna, he began working at the TU Vienna in 2016, where he launched the vivihouse project.

Paul Adrian Schulz (DE)
Paul is co-founder of vivihouse and the Initiative for Convivial Practices, the greenskills seminar and the EGB/stroh2gether association. Born in Braunschweig in 1981, he studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where he has lived since then. In addition to his work in planning offices, at the Austrian Strawbale Network and his teachings at the TU Vienna, he is interested in economic, political and ecological contexts.

Dilay Türe (TR)
Dilay studies architecture at the TU Vienna and joined the vivihouse team in 2018 after participating in the first construction workshop. She is also co-founder of the Social Business RefugEYEs, which supports refugee children and young people in their integration process. This project was awarded with the Social Impact Award 2018.

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