Masterclass: Driving Digital Transformation in Gastronomy

Friday, Sep 6
17:00 — 18:00
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Masterclass: Driving Digital Transformation in Gastronomy

Technological & human-centered developments with purpose and meaning: with Juan Botero (COL).

Participants will take away:

  1. How a living lab for open innovation in gastronomy is shaping new ways in which startups, restaurants, companies and people connect.
  2. How to bring joy and engagement to the plate, influencing people’s relationship with food.
  3. What hospitality jobs of the future may look like and how gastronomic experiences could change.
  4. How different sectors can co-create meaningful value.


Juan is an industrial engineer, researcher, cook and consultant, and has an MA in Gastronomic Innovation and Management. He has accumulated many years of developing business strategies and products for tech companies and put them into his passion for food and gastronomic development. He now works as a researcher and tech leader at the Basque Culinary Center’s R&D (BCCInn).

He’s currently the head of technology for the project LABE DIGITAL GASTRONOMY LAB, a Living Lab of open innovation projects, where researchers, startups, companies and users can experiment, co-create and test FoodTech products and services. He works with a human-centric approach to catalysing the integration between the evolving gastronomic sector and Industry 4.0 technologies.

Juan is also a co-host of the Food Chains Summit.

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