Measuring Stress with Biofeedback

Friday, Sep 7
12:00 — 13:30
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Measuring Stress with Biofeedback


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Stress is great – in small doses. The problem is that too many people “overdose” and end up sick at great expense to themselves and society. According to the World Health Organization, stress has now become a worldwide epidemic. Nevertheless, it often hits people when they expect it the least.

The good news is that low-cost technology makes it possible to measure stress. Data is great, but it is useless unless you act on it. The opportunity we have is to identify individual causes of stress and use that insight to reduce stress. The question is: Are you prepared to measure yourself, and to what extent are you willing to share data if it can help reduce stress for yourself and others? In this engaging Meetup, we present our findings on how technology can help us manage stress and invite the audience to join the discussion.

Your host and partners

Morten Lauridsen is the co-founder of Manpremo, a startup focused on creating sustainable productivity for people and organizations. With a background in technology, Morten’s passion is to create products and services that empower others to achieve what is important to them. He is experienced in the digital transformation of products and services, and the implementation of new agile methodologies to improve business agility.

Jason Howlett is the co-founder of Manpremo a startup focused on creating sustainable productivity for people and organizations. Jason’s passion is helping people develop, with the purpose of increasing well-being and actualizing potential. Jason uses applied science (neuroscience, psychology, and physiology), combined with data, to optimize brain performance and build change competency.

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