Meet the Founders – with Arielle Pardes from Wired

Thursday, Sep 5
16:00 — 17:00
Circle Stage, Meatpacking District
Access with wristband

Meet the Founders – with Arielle Pardes from Wired

This event is part of Techfestival: A 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology – all accessible with 1 single wristband.

There’s a new wave of entrepreneurs.

Join Arielle Pardes (US) of Wired when she talks to the next generation of forward-thinking humans. Meet a new generation of entrepreneurs, rethinking leadership, society and tech. Be part of their conversations, Thursday and Friday from 16:00 to 17:00 on the Circle Stage in Kødbyen.

Speakers & programme TBA. Meanwhile, check out our other programme segments here.

Who is your host?

Arielle Pardes (US)

Arielle is a Senior Associate Editor for WIRED. Her work explores the relationship between humans and technology, focusing on the way our devices and their design shape our lived reality.


Erik Rehn (FlowNeuroscience) ;Elinor Samulesson (HappyLab); Marcus Ljungblad (Minut)

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