Mentorship & Creativity: Fireside Chat with Linda Liukas

Saturday, Sep 7
10:00 — 12:00

Mentorship & Creativity: Fireside Chat with Linda Liukas

This session is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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Fireside Chat with Linda Liukas on New Directions in Teaching Technology

We’re living in a day and age where many of us are considering how we can make technology an integral part of our lives. Not just as consumers, but also as creators. We want to have the power to change and better the digital reality that we inhabit. One way this can happen is through committing to continuously learn and deepen our technical knowledge.

Join us for this fireside chat with the world-renowned author Linda Liukas as we discuss some of the key themes around learning new technologies. This talk will touch on the challenges and opportunities as we look at the creative sides of learning to code, inside and outside classroom settings, and discuss some of the roles mentorship plays in capturing people’s interest in technology.

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Linda Liukas

 Finnish children’s book author, illustrator and an instructor for beginner programmers. Linda is the author and illustrator of Hello Ruby, a children’s picture book about the whimsical world of computers, as well as the founder of Rails Girls, a global movement to teach young women programming in over 260 cities. She loves Muji, Zelda Fitzgerald, software and sparkly things.


Nynne Just Christoffersen

Copenhagen based software developer with a background in art and design history. She has been an active member in many communities in Copenhagen, particularly those that aim at mentoring and encouraging newcomers to the field. She is a director of the board at Hack Your Future, the founding organiser of Rails Girls Copenhagen, organises Google’s Women Techmakers program in Copenhagen and she is a regular contributor to the tech collective Cybernauterne. She also hosts discussions on tech and society in CPH Tech Books & Film.

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