Micromobility Summit

Wednesday, Sep 6
09:00 — 17:00

Micromobility Summit

Transportation, Mobility, Automation, Unbundling, Future cities,

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The Great Unbundling. Will micromobility do to mobility what microcomputing did to computing?

There are two mechanisms by which technologies affect society: bundling and unbundling. This re-packaging resets the way companies are structured leading to reversal of incumbent position relative to entrants.

The Personal Computer unbundled the mainframe while the phone and tablet unbundled the PC. Microsoft bundled office work and the Internet bundled communications. Google unbundled information access and Apple bundled experiences. Amazon bundled retail while Facebook bundled media. The car in the 20th century bundled transportation.

Will the availability of new technologies in the 21st century enable a great unbundling of transportation?


Key questions:

What is the best segmentation of travel into the right “job-to-be-done” categories?

How were the categories of travel merged into one object of conveyance?

How is that object being servitized, moving from ownership to on-demand services?

How are the various services inducing the introduction of new vehicles? — bespoke to categories of travel

How are the three innovations: on-demand dispatch, Li-ion batteries and automated driving affecting vehicular designs?

How are new manufacturing and distribution technologies affecting the vehicle market?

How will the great unbundling affect cities, work and urbanization?

Summits are by invitation-only and limited to 150 participants.
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Summit Host: Horace Dediu

Horace is one of the world’s most respected business analysts and renowned experts on complex data analysis. He is the founder and author of the market intelligence site, and also works as an independent analyst and advisor to telecom incumbents and entrants on mobile platform strategy.

Declared “King of Apple Analysts” by Fortune magazine, Horace also spent more than eight years analyzing mobile software, platforms and markets at Nokia.
Twitter: @asymco

Horace Dediu

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