Mixed Reality Summit

Thursday, Sep 5
10:00 — 16:30

Mixed Reality Summit

Create, Learn, Cities,

This summit is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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Exploring the Mirror world.

Join this expert-driven workshop to explore augmented reality as the next big tech platform after the internet 

The mirror world describes a not so distant future in which the physical world and everything in it has a digital twin – every human, kitchen table and house will have a digital copy that is updated in real-time. The mirror world doesn’t fully exist yet – but it’s coming. Using augmented reality to see whales swimming past your window with Magic Leap glasses or finding Pokémons in your backyard with Pokémon GO are just the first few glimpses into this new digital world.

Pioneers like Matt Miesnieks (US) from are creating a persistent digital map of our environment, crowdsourced from millions of smartphones scanning their environment – already making the mirror world a reality today. Using computer vision, geolocation and AI to automatically analyse a 3D mesh of the room you are in, means we can develop experiences that will react to you and your environment – Making the mirror world the potential next big digital platform, after the internet. This mirror world will be fully ‘readable’ by machines. A river will not only be a river, but depending on the application we are running, we can see how much water it carries, where it’s deep enough to jump in and how fish move through it during the day. In augmented reality lingo, we call these contextual information layers. 

During this summit, we will have expert speakers introducing you to the mirror world landscape, current applications and research.

In this guided workshop, we will address questions like; 

  • Who owns the digital space in your living room, the science museum or on the moon? 
  • Deep Fakes – who owns your digital personality?
  • Far from gimmicks – how do we envision a mirror world ecosystem that leads us toward a positive future?

We will end the summit with a talk and Q&A with CEO Matt Miesnieks who will talk about the latest state of the mirror world he is building and its business applications, followed by Q&A session with the audience. 

Who should join?

Anyone looking to learn more about the relevance and possibilities of AR and the AR Cloud. Attendees can be from start-ups, companies, academia and public institutions or simply be a fellow AR enthusiast. Participation in this summit will give you a chance to try a hands on approach of how to augment the world and develop AR experiences, and the opportunity to hear from and talk directly to a leading AR speaker and entrepreneur driving the sector forward and building the next big digital platform. 

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Who are your hosts?

Therkel Sand Therkelsen (DK)

Therkel is an immersive technology enthusiast, expert and facilitator, and the founder of CopenX, a 3-day event focusing on XR technologies and experiences.

Marie Høst (DK)

Marie Høst has a background in journalism and was a presenter for Denmark’s national TV & radio network DR, working with several formats including the weekly tech-show So ein Ding. Since then she has been developing and producing digital content for production company Mastiff, among others, and now works as a content creator with an eye for communicating complex subject areas, such as tech and science. Marie is an experienced moderator and stage host at festivals and conferences, like Techfestival and CopenX summit.

Matt Miesnieks (AUS)

Matt is renowned as one of the AR industry’s leading thinkers through his influential blog posts. He is co-founder & CEO of, the leading AR Cloud platform, which is his 3rd AR startup. He also helped found SuperVentures (investing in AR), built AR system prototypes at Samsung, and had a long executive and technical career in mobile software infrastructure before jumping into AR infrastructure back in 2009.

Hannah Gutkauf (AUT)

Strategic Head of Innovation Unit & Digital Strategist at Molamil.

Nikolaj Stausbøl (DK)

Creative Developer/Technical Head of Innovation Unit at Molamil.

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