Morning Booster: The Driverless Future

Thursday, Sep 7
08:30 — 09:30
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Morning Booster: The Driverless Future

Mobility, Driverless, Infrastructure,

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Futurist Liselotte Lyngsø and data ethics advisor Pernille Tranberg will cast us into the future, to help us imagine what our communities and infrastructure will look like once self-driving vehicles are predominant.

Infrastructure and mobility will be influenced by a whole range of trends that together have the potential to dramatically alter the way we live, prioritise and organise our lives. The very shape of our towns and cities may change.

These unprecedented changes may not be as far away as we think! Let’s date with the future together.

About the speakers

Liselotte is Managing Partner of the innovation and futurist company Future Navigator and member of klub. Prior to that, she was Director at Fahrenheit 212 an ideas company owned by Saatchi.

For 8 years she worked as Director of Research at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Since 2002, she has been a member of the Foresight editorial board and she is a founding member of the Global Future Forum.

Liselotte holds a M.Phil. in Economics Politics and Society from Oxford University.

Pernille Tranberg is founder of DataEthics and member of Klub.

Pernille is also a journalist, speaker and advisor in data ethics and co-founder of the ThinkDoTank and co-author of the book DataEthics – The New Competitive Advantage.


About Klub Morning Boosters

The Klub Morning Boosters is a series of intimate conversations about technology, without technology.

You’ll meet like-minded people to reflect on how technology is influencing our lives. Each conversation is anchored in a specific aspect of our lives (from aging to our romantic relationships) and is led by one person with rich knowledge of the topic.

Expect no slides. No pitching. Here everyone is part of the conversation and together we create islands for thoughts before the hectic work day commence.

Coffee and light breakfast is available for purchase at the café.


Photo credit: Chuttersnap

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