Morning Booster: Humans, Robots, AI and Work with Claus Skytte

Wednesday, Sep 6
08:30 — 09:30
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Morning Booster: Humans, Robots, AI and Work with Claus Skytte

Artificial Intelligence, Work,

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How are humans, robots & artificial intelligence going to share the work in the future?

During the 4th industrial revolution all humans and things will be connected through the internet. Employees become independent contractors with their boss being an app.

The sharing economy is the internet of contracts. Come and get inspired about the Internetization which is connecting the world and turning all products into services, and all humans into service-employees and freelancers.

Author and sharing economy expert Claus Skytte provides an overview of the possibilities and consequences these changes have on our work.

About the Speaker:

Claus Skytte (b 1969) is an entrepreneur, speaker and author of 4 books about the Internetization, sharing economy and automatisation. He is the co-founder of the Sharing Economy Denmark SEDK.

Furthermore, Skytte is the founder and co-owner of the sharing economy community for communities, Resecond, as well as the B2B sharing portal for workforce called Flexicu.

Claus Skytte is a board member of Muskelsvindsfonden and Chora Connections, and he is on the advisory board of the Den Sociale Kapitalfon.

Claus Skytte is one of Denmark’s leading experts about the sharing economy, internetization and automatisaion, which is currently transforming our world:

How we get around through driverless cars, how we are becoming freelancers and contractors, and how we are consuming through access-economy and cryptocurrency.

Claus has written the books “Medbruger – om den digitale forbruger”, “Skal vi dele? – om deleøkonomi” and “Den nye andelsbevægelse – om den 4. industrielle revolution”, next to the recently published book ”Kunstige Kolleger” – about how humans, robots and artificial intelligence is going to share the work in the future.

The books can be purchased on

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