Open Makerspace for Kids and Families

Saturday, Sep 7
10:00 — 15:00

Open Makerspace for Kids and Families

Play, Learn, Create,

Open Makerspace is hosted by Copenhagen Maker Festival – Copenhagen’s recurring and curious platform for technology, play and maker culture. Open Makerspace is created with support from Københavns Kommune, Kultur og Fritidsudvalget

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Open Makerspace presents bubbling and creative maker culture to a curious generation of future makers. Through 9 hands-on workshops and experiences, presented by talent in the local and international maker scene, we invite children and their families to engage hands-on in the exploration of technologies, to play like there’s no tomorrow. There will be several hosts in the Makerspace to invite guests in and explain the story of
makerspaces and maker culture. Join us and learn how to make (almost) anything!

Although this event is part of Techfestival, you don’t need a wristband to attend – just let us know that you’re joining so we can save you and your family a spot.

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Between 10:00 and 15:00, we’ve set up 9 engaging activities. Some are Open Shops, where guests can drop in and out as they wish and spend 15 minutes or 3 hours building and playing. Other are workshops with a clear start and stop time, and are facilitated by expert hosts curating the experience.

Drop ins from 10:00 to 15:00

Experience: BCI Campfire

The BCI (Brain-Computer-Interface) Campfire is a full-body experience in EEG technology. EEG technology tracks electrical activity in the brain and the Campfire translates it into changing images as electrical activity changes. The experience is organised in a half-circle, with soft cushions, where participants are gathered around the ‘campfire’ – a large screen TV that displays the emerging body-art.
Artist: Mindlab (SE)

Experience: The Virtual Sandbox

Sculpt landscapes with your bare hands with the virtual sandbox. Create mountain peaks, deep rivers and erupting volcanoes using sand, a hight-sensitive software and projector mimicking geographical features.
Artists: Fablab Nordvest (DK)

Open Shop: The Electronics Club

In this Open Shop the Electronics Club of curious engineers from Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) will turn their nerd-cave inside out with various creative electronics projects. The participants can create freely, using soldering irons, print boards and electronic components to create almost anything, or can take on one of the engineers’ favourite projects: making and coding simple LED-boards, DC motor canons or simple electronic pianos.
Artists: Elektronikklubben, DTU (DK)

Open Shop: Tinkering Station – Fix it!

The TF guests get to learn from the original makers of Copenhagen – the good hackers from Labitat, Denmark’s oldest Hackerspace. In this Open Shop, the hackers will invite participants into the world of tinkering – taking electronic devices apart to learn about how they work. On top of this, they will teach new skills in electronics, mechanics and hardware design, when they fix the broken devices together.
Artists: Labitat (DK)

Open Shop: Demonstration – Creative engineering project.

The good engineers of the Electronics Club have emptied their inventors cave and will bring various devices and home-build projects for the participants to try out; an army of programmable robot arms, DIY flipper machine and more…
Artists: Elektronikklubben, DTU (DK)


Machine Learning
10:00 – 12:00; 13:00 – 15:00

An inspiring guided tour into the universe of Machine Learning. Andreas Refsgaard is one of Denmark’s frontrunners in creative engineering, interaction design and machine learning. In this 2-hour workshop he will introduce the participants to his ml5js open-source library and involve them in training various algorithms and coding of demos. Afterwards, the participants can access the resources from home, keep coding and add to the growing OS library.
Artist: Andreas Refsgaard (DK)

Micro-controllers + Art
10:00 – 12:00; 13:00 – 15:00

Nicolas Padfield is one of the founders of the art collective Illutron and the lab guru at Fablab RUC. In this 2 hour workshop he will give the participants an introduction to the world of creative engineering, tech and art and makerspaces through hands-on building and coding of arduino-based IoT pieces. He will take the participants through the coding of simple arduino-based games and end with their own creating of functional products, e.g interactive neopixel art pieces or singing plant theremins.
Artists: Fablab RUC, Nicolas Padfield (DK)

10:00 – 15:00

What looks like a kaleidoscope and rhymes with Arduino? Caleiduino. Caleiduino is an
open source project created by Spanish artist and Teacher Jose Martinez. Caleiduino is a
sound interactive digital kaleidoscope based on Arduino, and a game, an object of art and a
tool to understand electronics and programming in a creative and entertaining way. In this
4-hour workshop José will engage participants in the assembly, coding and artistic
experiments of the Caleiduino.
Artist: José Manuel Gonzalez Martinez (ES)

Joule Thief
10:00 – 15:00

Make your own little flashlight running on recycled batteries. Dive into the world of electronic hacking where you take matters into you own hands. Labitat will show you how to make old batteries work again with simple electronic components.

Artists: Labitat (DK)

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