[cancelled] The Overview of Micromobility Masterclass

Thursday, Sep 6
17:00 — 17:45

[cancelled] The Overview of Micromobility Masterclass


Cars was once the big invention of freedom. Hundred years later its the catch all vehicle for moving around for both long and short distances. By looking at how urban areas are congested with cars and how the atmosphere being flooded with co2 emission it’s obvious that we need to figure new ways of transporting ourselves out.

Change might be coming. Join this lecture to learn from one of the world’s foremost thinker of micromobility about how the new technologies in the 21st century can enable a big change in how we move around in the world.

Horace Dediu
Horace is one of the world’s most respected business analysts and renowned experts on complex data analysis. He is the founder and author of the market intelligence site, and also works as an independent analyst and advisor to telecom incumbents and entrants on mobile platform strategy.

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