Please Don’t Disturb The Mainstream Happiness – Art, Censorship in a Digital Age

Friday, Sep 8
17:30 — 18:30
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Please Don’t Disturb The Mainstream Happiness – Art, Censorship in a Digital Age

Art, censorship,

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This photograph is a piece of award-winning photo-journalism from Mary Ellen Marks reportage about the American underclass, the socially excluded, or as she called them, ‘The Unfamous’.

However it was censured again and again from Social Media like Instagram. It is a picture of a nine year old girl wearing a bikini, make-up and smoking a cigarette. It was removed because social media misunderstood it’s message: It was not a commercial for cigarettes and make-up for children.

It is real, not imaginary, not glamorized. It is photo-journalism and a sad reality for far too many.

The new book “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is about the human situation post the digital revolution, where art and imperfection is removed for the sake of keeping our news feeds clean and our minds mainstream happy.

A disturbing fact that reminds us about dictatorship and propaganda. Especially because social media dominate today’s news information ecosystem, more than 60 percent of Americans get their news on Facebook or Twitter.

Katrine K. Pedersen is a published writer covering the blind spots of our digital lives. She holds an MA in Arts and Humanities from Copenhagen University, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication.

She is associated partner at Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and a frequent key note speaker at national and international events.

Her latest book “The EMperor’s New Clothes” is a coffetable book and a collaboration with Pan & The Dream, NY and Nick Knight , London. the book features 60 artist that has experienced cesnorship, self-censorship or work with cesorship as a dogme in their work.


Photo credit: Mary Ellen Mark

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