Q&A with Clive Thompson (CAN), author and writer, Wired

Thursday, Sep 5
21:30 — 22:00
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Q&A with Clive Thompson (CAN), author and writer, Wired

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Q&A with Keynote Speaker Clive Thompson (CAN)

Clive Thompson is of generation C64 (Commodore 64), and would most likely have become a programmer had his mom not put a ban on video games. Today, Clive has switched out the complex code with idioms and syllables as a contributing writer for The New York Times and Wired. Clive has also authored several books linking tech changes with civic and economic challenges, putting the average human face to face with complex technological development.

Moderator: Brooke Roberts-Islam

Brooke Roberts-Islam is an award-winning digital knitwear designer and consultant who recently co-founded the Brooke Roberts Innovation Agency (BRIA). 

Following a previous career as a diagnostic radiographer within the NHS, Brooke used inspiration from scan images of the brain to create knitwear using the latest digital knitting technology and yarns. She subsequently gave a TED talk explaining how she combined radiography and knitwear design in her clothing range. 

At BRIA, Brooke and her team develop physical and digital materials and design solutions for fashion brands and manufacturers, directly combining her knowledge of the latest developments in the “fashion-tech” sector with her pioneering cross-discipline approach to developing new materials. 

In addition to her design and materials development work, Brooke is a “fashion-tech” and sustainability writer for, Chaos 69, Eco Age and Techstyler – a publishing platform she founded – sharing opinions and interviews from the crossroads of these sectors. 

Brooke is regularly invited to speak about the fusion of fashion and technology at events including the Wired Next Generation conference and the London Luxury Think Tank. She also regularly moderates panel discussions in London featuring fashion tech and sustainability pioneers.


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