(re)Building a Desirable Online World Summit

Wednesday, Sep 5
10:00 — 16:00
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(re)Building a Desirable Online World Summit


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Currently there exist two dominant models of the Internet. In the US, it is shaped by a data oligarchy (GAFAM) that has it’s own business agenda. And the Chinese model that is hoping to build the perfect AI assisted authoritarian regime.

What if we want to live in neither models? And want to live with a digital world that is compatible with our vision of democracy, access to culture and core values.

Where do we start? How do we a technology model that we feel comfortable as a society to live in ?

On September 5, we gather 100 curated thinkers: politicians, technologist, philosophers, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, scientist, artists and civil servants for an inclusive and important discussion about the building blocks and start changing the conversation in Europe.

Key Questions

  • Is there a European technology model ?
  • Is Slow Web an alternative to the junk food data-model?
  • What are the smartest ways to regulate technology?
  • How to get governments to lead by example?
  • How do we ensure that public and private investments foster positive disruption?
  • How do we reconcile the Internet with humanistic values?

About the hosts

Tariq Krim is a tech entrepreneur and philosopher based in Paris with strong interest in art and social changes. He is also one of the main advocates of the Slow Web Movement. Currently founder of, a slow web platform. Prior to that he has created several consumers products with Jolicloud, the first european cloud computer, and Netvibes a pioneer in online personal news used by millions around the world.

Tariq was also an advisor on technology to the French Government.He is MIT TR35 (2007) and Young Global Leader (2008) and was honored by the President of France as “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.”


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