Research x Business: Together We Thrive!

Thursday, Sep 5
17:30 — 19:30

Research x Business: Together We Thrive!

This session is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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How can we make academics, businesses and investors speak the same language?

Businesses are facing complex problems that researchers could help answer. Researchers have a lot of knowledge that could make businesses thrive. The problem is that academics often speak in ways that businesses can’t understand and vice versa. Furthermore, the two operate in different time spans and environments. If we could make these two worlds come together, we could have smarter and more sustainable businesses as well as understand the worth and applicability of true knowledge. 

But how can we make academics, businesses and investors speak the same language? Where could they meet and share thoughts? What kind of language, collaboration and platforms should we use to bring these brains together?

Let’s put our creative, logic, nitty-gritty and ROI-oriented brains together to create a vision about how research and business could better understand and complement each other.

We want to hear your thoughts no matter if you are a startup founder, designer, academic, student or investor!

So come brainstorm and create ideas that can bring research and business closer together. This session will be about talking to people with a different mindset, making the most out of your own expertise and creating something new. 

Join us in this session to create ideas and solutions to find out how businesses, researchers and already existing knowledge could benefit from each other.

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Aurora Airaskorpi (FIN)

Aurora is the Head of the Skolar community, a non-profit community of researchers, research funders, science communications professionals and research-minded stakeholders who believe that young academics have great thoughts and ideas that should be communicated with the world. She is also a communications coach, helping young researchers communicate their work to different audiences. Academically, she is Master of Global Communications, her business background comes from communications agencies, and her interest in science and research stems from her previous work as a magazine journalist – always trying to make sense of the complex world. She is also a trained yoga teacher, creating spaces where people can truly be present and hear each other.

Reetta Rönkä (FIN)

Reetta is a communications coach for young researchers and communications manager for the Skolar community. As a former television news journalist, science show host and radio host she is a wizard in coming up with intelligent questions. Her academic background comes from social sciences and she has been particularly interested in issues related to gender equality and climate change. She is a co-author in a Finnish journalistic book on climate change, Hyvän sään aikana, that has been described as the most important non-fiction book in 2017.

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