Speculative Now(s): Engaging with Sci-Fi to understand and develop the future of tech

Saturday, Sep 7
13:00 — 15:00

Speculative Now(s): Engaging with Sci-Fi to understand and develop the future of tech

This session is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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Explore How We Can Use Literature to Develop the Future of Tech

Science fiction has had a tremendous impact on what was invented in the 20th century. The way Jules Verne described Nautilus was used to develop the first submarines and generally, everything from AI and the internet to augmented reality was envisioned in literature. We believe that many revolutionary technologies were first envisioned through fiction and then later translated into actual applications. However, these technologies were envisioned through the sociological lens of that historic time, sometimes reinforcing existing cultural and political structures, and sometimes questioning them.

We want to investigate how literature can be used to make tech development even more visionary. Which narratives and predictions dominate current tech-developments? Which societal view do their future visions reflect? What is left out? And which urgent questions need to be asked, about the way we use autonomous technology to preserve and work with the social fabric that is currently shaping our society?

We want to engage you in different ways:

  • We would like to co-develop a joint reading list of both current and historic science fiction for people working with technology.
  • We want to investigate how we can include literature in tech development whether it be through:
    – The development of new design methodologies based on literary visions.
    – Book clubs in companies.
    – Iterative development processes between writers, engineers and designers.
  • We want to explore potential futures in the overlap between social movements and emerging autonomous technology through new playful, imaginative perspectives and fact-based storytelling.

This event is a collaboration between three organisations; Catch, Block Zero, Tech Book Club and Danish Design Center. Together we are exploring the potential in science fiction and the results from this meet-up will be part of a continued collaboration.

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Nynne Just Christoffersen (DK)

Together with Tina, Nynne is the initiator of Tech & Science Book Club, where they host discussions and explore the relationship between science, technology and the individual. Nynne is a Copenhagen-based software developer with a background in art and design history. She is active in a number of inclusive tech communities, including  Hack Your Future, Rails Girls Copenhagen, Google’s Women Techmakers program and regularly contribute to the tech collective Cybernauterne. 

Tina Ryoon Andersen (DK)

Together with Nynne, Tina is the initiator of Tech & Science Book Club, where they host discussions and explore the relationship between science, technology and the individual. Tina is working as project developer and programmer at The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA. With a background in Media Studies and Modern Culture. She is interested in digital culture and thrives in the cross-section of art, tech and change.

Christian Villum (DK)

Christian is Director of Digital & Future Thinking at the Danish Design Center and long-time sci-fi nerd. Driven by a keen interest in exploring new boundaries for strategic design, Christian Villum’s work at Danish Design Centre examines new ideas in the intersection between technology and design thinking – and has, over the past few months, included the exploration of “science fiction thinking”; a method that uses sci-fi as a way to navigate the future. Right now he is working on launching a Copenhagen-based community around this concept.

Sonja Rattay (DE)

Sonja is a UX designer and strategist and co-founded the tech and design studio Block Zero, where she is currently leading the Design & UX efforts of the team. Together with her clients, she works towards creating experiences which bring humans and technology closer. Her projects range from creating immersive fashion technology exploring the perceptual senses of the human body to UX for embodied interaction and creating machines with personality. When she is not working, Sonja is learning about the human brain, travels the world and tinkers with new technologies such as implants, VR and robots.

Majken Overgaard (DK)

Majken is the programme manager at Catch. Catch is exploring and developing new ideas at the intersection of art, technology, and design. Throughout her career, she has focused on synergies between art & technology through positions at the Technical University of Denmark & University of Southern Denmark and her independent curatorial practice focusing on feminist activism within art and tech.

Simon Brørup (DK)

Simon is a librarian at Elsinore Libraries and has a focus on digital literature. Simon and Majken are collaborating about activities within science fiction, digital literature and tech.

Anuradha Reddy (IND)

Anuradha is a PhD candidate in Interaction Design at Malmö University. She holds a research profile at the Internet of Things and People Research Centre (IoTaP) where she contributes her skills in the project Smart Energy Management and Security (SMES). She has an academic background in Electronics Engineering, New Media Design and Interaction Research. Her current research practice addresses critical aspects of designing with technologies by using a combination of thing-centered and participatory design methods. Anuradha’s work has been exhibited at the Watermans gallery in London and she has also presented her work at the Microsoft headquarters in Seattle. She has participated in several design consortiums and conferences including Design Research Society (DRS), Nordes and Nordic CHI.


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