Slums, Social Housing and Tech Solutions

Saturday, Sep 8
17:30 — 19:30
Flæsketorvet 60, Rysensteen, FT1
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Slums, Social Housing and Tech Solutions


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Many developing countries are facing a housing deficit, and people worldwide find themselves in spaces unsuitable for living, with inadequate water supply and hygiene facilities. Private developers are hesitant to enter the field of social housing within slums, and governments often lack sufficient funds to ensure the public provision of social housing; mainly to the big young populations’ group unable to afford their homes. At the same time, cities are undergoing rapid growth and transformations.

In this Meetup, we look into ways in which financial and technological interventions can help to address such pressing issues, with a focus on emerging economies. We are hoping to foster an interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and visionary collaboration by connecting architects, private investors, startups, and government officials in this creative Meetup!

Your Host and Speakers

Janet Bacovich is Creative Director and Founding Partner of the architecture company KREATIV. Her work focuses on the intersection between the fields of architecture, urbanism, product design, and technological design.

Julia Larsen is Co-Founder at CryptoWomen CPH; a community aimed at bringing women together in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

Sinus Lynge is a Founding Partner at EFFEKT, an architectural collaborative operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism and research.

Jonna Ekholm – Architect/research on SLUMS living conditions at GEHL Architects.

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