Softer Ware: Textiles and Technology

Wednesday, Sep 6
17:00 — 19:45
Access with wristband

Softer Ware: Textiles and Technology

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Meetups are independent community gatherings organized by Techfestival co-creators. Open to curious minds of all ages and backgrounds. Make sure to RSVP to secure your spot!

Textile techniques led to the invention of the first computer. Even today, textile techniques are potent metaphors for understanding the ‘web’ and everything digital.

With this workshop, participants will be introduced to the Jacquard machine and the story of how punchcard weaving technology evolved to modern day computers.

Participants will be offered a hands-on weaving demo to fully understand the connections between warp and weft and the most basic concepts running devices today (the binary system).

This workshop highlights the history of computers, the tactility of programming and last but not least sheds light on an under-appreciated connection between craft traditions and innovative technologies.


Photo credit: Janko Ferlic

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