SportsTech: Why is it easier to book a flight than a fitness class?

Saturday, Sep 7
13:00 — 15:00

SportsTech: Why is it easier to book a flight than a fitness class?

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Explore how technology and physical activity can co-exist! 

We’re all so addicted to our technology. Let’s tweak it to help us with our active pursuits. For this session, we will prompt the discussion on whether Sports Tech can create behavioural change on an individual and greater scale.

A great concern is that not only have technology and our digital products become essential, but they have also become addictive. Extensive screen time is making people inactive and shown to have physical and mental health implications, leading to sleep deprivation, depression, loneliness and stress. We should challenge the spaces and mechanism that gave us tech addiction and physical inactivity and create digital solutions that add to the user’s physical experience and not the other way around.

It’s crucial to make people curious about sports, the outdoors and exercising, especially those who are not interested at all and I believe we can achieve this through technology. We must consider people when creating digital products and build solutions that go beyond shallow metrics like clicks, minutes and followers, and start building purposeful products that measure things like personal health, emotion and well-being.  Products that give more people access to sport, that triggers behavioural change, and that generate vitality to society – making it more active, vibrant and healthy!

Join us for a panel discussion, inspirational talks and networking to discover Sports Tech’s true potential, and what it can mean for you and me!

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Hear interesting input from

Kasper Ljungstrøm Skov (DK)

Kasper is the CEO & Co-Founder of Just Football. Holding a degree in digital business and visual communication, Kasper is passionate about how digital design and tech can get young people outside and exercise through sports. Just Football is a mobile game company founded in 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is revolutionizing the sport of football by combining the physical and digital to inspire kids to get outside and exercise while interacting with each other in the real world.

Monica Vaksdal (NO)

Monica is the CEO and founder of Think Outside AS. She holds a cand.scient. in the field of Petroleum Geology/Sedimentology from the University of Bergen. Throughout her career, Monica has worked as a geologist and exploration team leader at several major international oil companies. Today Monica is “Connecting Nature and Technology” at Think Outside. Developing the innovative snow sensors coupled with machine learning processing we are able to acquire snow data both spatially and in details that can have a great impact on people and industries. 

Stina Lundgren Högbom (SE)

Program Manager, SPIN Accelerator Sweden & Research and Outreach Manager at Center for Sport and Business at Stockholm School of Economics. Stina is a PhD with a broad education in biochemistry, sports science and economics. During the spring of 2019, she was the Program Manager of  SPIN Accelerator Sweden with the goal to accelerate Sports Tech startups that support and empower the athlete. SPIN Accelerator Sweden is the Nordics first Sports Tech accelerator, a partnership between The Swedish Olympic Academy and the global initiative HYPE Sports Innovation powered by KTH Innovation and the Center for Sports and Business at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Alex Zurita (UK)

Alex is a Specialist Advisor on Technology for Participation and a London Sport & Advisory Board Member, SXSW. Alex has experience with working on technology and digital innovation within the physical activity, sport and health sectors. Alex is responsible for shaping London Sport’s strategic commitments to supporting technology, data and digital initiatives designed to raise levels of participation in physical activity and sport in the capital. This includes leading the Sport Tech Hub, ‘Making London the Heart of the Sport Tech World’ – London’s tech strategic plan of action and engaging with sector-leading initiatives such as OpenActive.

Giang Le (DK)

Giang is co-founder and Head of Product at JABii group. The group behind JABii questions whether esports have to equal inactivity in front of a screen. They are challenging young people to be more active by rethinking the way we play and have developed an interactive smart device called JABII – an interactive gaming-experience, that combines physical activity with digital elements.


Ida Bjerga (NO)

Managing Director & Co-founder, Noise Studio & Co-founder, Nordic Sports TechIda has a Master in Applied Economics and Finance and a digital background – Ida has co-founded Noise Studio, a creative agency for sports tech and sports brands, and, alongside this, she started Nordic Sports Tech, a community for people in the Nordics working with sports tech. Her purpose with both of these projects is to design and create digital experiences that encourage people to get outdoors and experience the world, actively.

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