TALK SHOW: AI – Making Sense of its Complexity and Opportunities

Friday, Sep 7
18:00 — 18:45

TALK SHOW: AI – Making Sense of its Complexity and Opportunities

Create, Democracy,

In this talk show conversation we’ve invited three experts to debunk some important aspects to the ins and outs of artificial intelligence. The goal of the session is to increase society’s capabilities of talking about what AI is and what it can do for us and to know when there are good reasons to react against the direction developments of it take.

Irina Shklovski (talk show host)
Irina Shklovski is an Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen where she works with Interaction Design and Technologies in Practice research groups. Although her primary field is human computer interaction, her work spans a lot of other fields from computer science to sociology and science & technology studies.

Martin Rugfelt
Martin Rugfelt is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of Internet and mobile experience and 8+ years of Artificial Intelligence.
Martin is and has been involved in several startups working with Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, mobile search, life science, mobile apps. He is currently working as the CEO for SentianTechnologies (

Leonard Van Rompaey
Leonard Van Rompaey is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Law, where he studies theory of law and robotics. More specifically, he looks at sources of structural incompatibilities between law and machines making decisions, and explores whether our legal systems are adequate for dealing with robots in their current form.

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