Official Leadership Event

Telia Talks: Sustainability in digital business

Thursday, Sep 5
10:00 — 12:00
Official Leadership Event

Telia Talks: Sustainability in digital business

Sustain, Learn,

This event is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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Inspire and be inspired by discussing the role of technology in the fight to reduce climate change.

Professional eco-systems of know-how, technology and green ambitions are key enablers in the fight to reduce carbon emissions, waste generation and excessive consumption of the world’s resources. Telia Company has made a green promise to be CO2 neutral globally with zero waste by 2030. Reaching this goal requires a major commitment by the entire organisation – but it also represents an opportunity for growth as digitalisation lies at the centre of emission reductions and circular economy.

Join an engaging and inspiring debate about intelligent solutions to environmental issues. Through case studies and with input from participants, we will present best practise bursting with insights from the digital forefront of the fight to reduce climate change. Hear from key speakers, including Tech & Sustainability expert, Kristoffer Hvidsteen (DK), journalist Le Gammeltoft (DK) of Heartbeats Radio, CMO of GetBarry, Christophe Lephilibert and Ulrik Nilsen of Apollo Rejser. 

This workshop is for everyone interested in environmental issues, the climate agenda and intelligent solutions to the challenges we are facing.

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Who are your hosts?

Christiane Vejlø (DK)

Christiane is host of Danish Radio24Syv’s show Elektronista on technology trends and developments. Since 2009, she’s held the position of CEO of Elektronista Media ApS, a digital advisory and media company reporting on digital lifestyle and trends.

Telia Denmark – Connecting the dots

At Telia, we love technology. By developing digital networks and build intelligent solutions, we engage in how digitalisation makes the way we work, learn and live both easier, smarter and more sustainable.Telia believes that digital innovation and strong partnerships are essential for creating a more sustainable future. That is why we are partnering with Techfestival, to be an active part of the dialogue about our digital future. We strive to establish new networks and discover new insights that will enable us to connect the dots and create a whole that is more than the sum of its parts – the intelligent society of tomorrow.



10.00-10.15 – Introduction:

  • Telia intro host: Sofie Heilskov Introducing Christiane Vejlø
  • Moderator: Christiane Vejlø Elektronista
  • Expert: Kristoffer Hvidsteen Prescient


10.15-10.50 – Tech lead?:

  • Guest #1 Thomas Kjærsgaard Telia (CEO/Head of Enterprise)
  • Guest #2 Ole Kjeldsen Microsoft (Head of Technology)


10.50-11.05 -What colour is energy?:

  • Guest #3 Christophe Lephilibert  Barry (Head of growth)


11.05-11.20 -To travel is to live?:

  • Guest #4 Ulrik Nissen Apollo Rejser  (Head of marketing)


11.20-11.50 -Technology Truth and data?:

  • Guest #5 Le Gammletoft Heartbeats (Founder & owner)


11.50-12.00 – Wrap-up:

  • Wrap-up with Vejlø, Kristoffer & Sofie


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