The Future of Food

Thursday, Sep 6
19:00 — 19:45

The Future of Food


Food is our fuel. Food is a source of human satisfaction. Food is an industry. Food is affecting the environment. Food exist in a system.

Where is all of this heading? What does it mean to have a more sustainable food production? What visions are the for the dining experience? To put it simple, we’ve invited two of the world’s most prominent food researchers and thinkers to discuss how and what we will eat in the future.

LinYee Yuan
LinYee Yuan is the founder and editor of MOLD, a critically-acclaimed editorial platform about designing the future of food. Through original reporting, MOLD explores how designers can address the coming food crisis by creating products and systems that will help feed 9 billion people by the year 2050. (Photo by Vincent Tullo)

Mathias Holzmann
By day Mathias invests in food technology companies at trying to change our food systems for the better. He also co-founded informal where he is building technology to create more human dining experiences and to empower chefs to focus on what they are good at. Informal is starting with reinventing the platform that restaurants are built on from the ground up. Mathias is a nerd at heart and got in the food world after a decade in tech.
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