The Future of Work: Imagining the ideal work life

Friday, Sep 6
13:00 — 16:00

The Future of Work: Imagining the ideal work life

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Help Design the Ideal Future Work-life!

The future of the Western labour market is characterized by rapid digital and technological developments, global movement, and for some, precarity. 

Join us in the exploration of frontiers of rights and conditions that will be relevant to the future of work, and help design the ideal future work-life. 

We kick off the session with talks from central thought leaders within their fields. The talks will function as catalysts for the following workshop, in which we invite participants to help imagine how the future could be shaped through designing a number of preferable future scenarios.

Questions the session will explore

  • How can the good working life best be supported in the future, on a global, highly digital, and at times precarious labour market?
  • What rights are even relevant for a high-tech labour market?
  • What can we learn from the European and American labour market traditions and values?
  • How can workers best influence their workplaces to be forces of good in the world?
  • How can workers best secure their rights?
  • Do we have to be organized? How?
  • What role should organizations and civil society play?

The session is for people who have an interest in shaping the future of work, whether they are employees, entrepreneurs, activists or CEOs.


Sara Kristine Gløjmar Berthou (DK)

Sara is an Innovation Consultant at IDA. As an anthropologist and critical thinker, Sara help create change through creative ethnography, design processes and insight generation. Understanding status quo is key to effective problem solving and development. She has thorough experience with design processes, strategic development, and project management in a range of diverse projects – all focusing on creating change for the better for the user and by the user. Sara holds a PhD in Environmental Governance and has been working as Growth and Innovation Consultant at IDA since 2016.

This Session is curated in collaboration with IDA: The Danish Society of Engineers. Read more at

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