Token Economics


Token Economics

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This summit is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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Digital assets beyond currencies

Cryptographic Tokens are a new form of digital assets. They might have different functionalities, the most memorable ones being to serve as digital values or digital rights. These tokens can be a means for building digital economies, steer interactions and incentivise behaviour of participants. Properly designed, these economies theoretically lead to more inclusive societies, more efficient use of resources and sustainable treatment of the environment. The focus of Token Economics is to understand how to design these new digital ecosystems. This is what we want to explore during the Summit.

Key questions to explore

  • How can blockchain based tokens help us achieve SDGs?
  • What defines Token Economics/Token Engineering?
  • How ready are the existing business models for adopting blockchain technology?

Desired Outcome

The interdisciplinary approach of the Summit will provide you with insights into the complexity of designing blockchain-based ecosystems. Having worked on possible blockchain solutions, implementation suggestions, development strategies and identifying the challenges of blockchain adoption, you will leave the Summit with a better understanding of Token Economy.

Who should join?

Startups, policy makers, sustainability experts, refugee councils and everyone else who can contribute to the topic. 

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Who are your hosts?

Tatjana Novakovic (SRB)

Having specialized in Information Technology and Business Information Systems at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), Tatjana turned to blockchain technology to research its potential in helping achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Together with a team at BlockchainHub Berlin, she researched projects running on blockchain technology and concluded token analyses. The need for interdisciplinarity shifted the research to the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics at WU, where she currently works as a project manager on the [UN]BLOCKED project, bridging the gap between sustainability and blockchain technology.

Krzysztof Paruch (POL)

The profile of Krzysztof comprises all the essential building blocks of cryptoeconomics. He laid his academic fundament with an MSc in Technical Economics & Mathematics at the University of Technology in Vienna. His specializations are agent-based economics modelling, game theory and optimisation methods, as well as monetary and environmental policy economics. With five years of working experience in banking and software integration, he understands the financial and regulatory backgrounds at the intersection of real-world and cryptoeconomics. He is currently with the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics at WU, Vienna, focusing on the development of standards for token engineering, creation of network design and incentive mechanism structures, and valuation and modelling of crypto-assets.

Shermin Voshmgir (AUT)

Shermin is the director of the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and the founder of BlockchainHub in Berlin. She is the author of the book Token Economy and works with the Intersection of Technology, Art & Society event.

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