Unforeseeable Futures, Ethics and New Technologies

Saturday, Sep 7
13:00 — 15:00

Unforeseeable Futures, Ethics and New Technologies

This session is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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Uncover and Explore how Ethics and Technology Correlates!

In our interactive panel, we will challenge people to think about ethics in different and more proactive ways. We will explore ideas around designing for flexibility, for different points of view, for different kinds of futures. 

We will provoke and question the very notion of ethics, asking, why do we even care about ethics in relation to technology? Through our various perspectives, we will tell stories and encourage story-telling in order to bring concepts down to earth and into practice. 

We will run a series of provocations with our participants around such questions as: What do we mean by ethics? Why is it relevant to technology? What is ethical technology and unethical technology? What do we mean by tools for ethics?

Join us in this session to create a space and a structure for people to talk with one another about ethics, and to share practical viewpoints on ethics as it relates to new connected technology.

We aim to enable our participants to question assumptions of what ethics means and how it relates to their life and work and to share our work on project VIRTEU. It combines research and design in new technology and ethics, as well as our project’s framework for thinking about ethics in relation to building new technology. For example, the use of futurescaping to imagine unpredictable impacts.

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Hear interesting input from

Irina Shklovski (US)

Irina is an Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. Her projects address online information disclosure, creepy technologies and the sense of powerlessness people experience in the face of massive personal data collection. She is very much concerned with how everyday technologies are becoming increasingly “creepy” and how people come to normalize and ignore those feelings of discomfort. She coordinates an EU-funded collaborative project VIRT-EU, examining how IoT developers enact ethics in practice and looking to design interventions into the IoT development process to support ethical reflection on data and privacy in the EU.

Monika Seyfried (PL)

Monika is a Researcher at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design with a background in art, photography and filmmaking. In her work, she engages at the intersection of emerging technologies, audiovisual media and the natural environment, creating sensory-rich, interactive spaces. Monika’s passion is to build immersive experiences, mixed reality worlds that blend the digital and physical, working with a speculative mindset and experimenting with design approaches. Her current research topics are The Future of Nuclear Fusion Energy, Ethics in Creating IoT, Critical Heritages in Europe and Plant-based Data Storage. Her work has been exhibited in several cities across the globe, including Beijing, Paris, Copenhagen, Linz and Zagreb. She teaches Interactive Spaces and Ethics in Design. Monika is a graduate of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She holds a Master’s Degree in Digital Media and Interaction Design

Annelie Berner (US)

Annelie is an interaction designer and researcher. She works across disciplines, from ethics to data technologists. She is currently specialising in how to structure and visualise futures in collaborative and open ways – from workshops to exhibitions to tools. She often uses the medium of interactive and playful data visualisation. She is a faculty member and researcher at CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design) where she teaches programming and data visualization. Together with her team at CIID Research, she runs projects that span from researching and designing tools for dialogue on sensitive topics to tools for ethical decision-making among IoT developers to designing an interactive exhibition of future energy choices.

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