Foodtech Meetup – Urban Farming Focus

Thursday, Sep 7
17:00 — 19:00
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Foodtech Meetup – Urban Farming Focus

Food, Community, movement, Co-creation, Ecosystem, Sustainability, Urban farming,

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Urban Farming Focus: Bringing the jungle into the concrete jungle

Currently, we are facing dramatic growth in the global urban population, increasing diet-related health issues and unsustainable practices in the vast majority of our food industry.

Here, an emerging solution is to use technology to bring efficiently grown organic food into the cityscape.

Key questions:

How do we grow the current urban farms to sufficiently contribute to the dietary needs of our urban citizen?

What does it take?

How far have we come?

Join forces with entrepreneurs, bio-hackers and seasoned urban farmers, when we plant the seed for a more productive foodtech dialogue and better connected ecosystem in the Nordics.

Our aim is to build an open-source foodtech community where curiosity, knowledge sharing and hands-on collaboration provide the basis for tackling the challenges that exist with the world’s current food systems. This Meetup is our way to kickstart the momentum for such a community.

Using inspiring lightning talks from leading frontrunners in the field as starting points, we invite participants to ask questions, share their thoughts and challenge what is being said and done. The most important thing is to have your perspective added to the equation.

We view the Meetup as a real success only when all participants walk away with newfound inspiration and knowledge of how they personally can take action to contribute towards better food systems immediately.


Program and lightning-speakers TBA.

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