Urban Mobility Summit

Thursday, Sep 5
10:00 — 16:30

Urban Mobility Summit

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This summit is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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In pursuit of the ideal commute

Even as the world changes, with the climate crisis and emerging transformative technologies, humans will continue to commute regularly in urban environments. As the urban population grows and the density thickens, so does the complexity of improving urban mobility. How to design the ideal commute for the city, the community and the planet is far from obvious. Mechanisms such as individual priorities and inherent behaviour have to be balanced with the systemic needs of the city in order to find sustainable and ideal solutions.

The main object of this summit is to identify and discuss the key mechanisms that influence “the ideal urban commute”. We will approach the discussion from four different perspectives

  1. Optimal throughput: Identifying a city’s optimal throughput is critical to improving energy efficiency and mobility and thereby the quality of life. Throughput is determined by the capacity to move people through a defined space and by the amount of energy required to do so.
  2. Owning sharing: Present-day consumer patterns define how we share and care for products. Shared products and services are often vandalised, abandoned and poorly integrated with city and services. This calls for a rethink of the ecosystem, and the sharing of partnerships and objects that populate it.
  3. Driverful experiences: Technology is changing experiences, but we shouldn’t change an experience just because we can. Rather than letting technology drive the change, shouldn’t we instead ask ourselves how we want to spend our time in commute? By going the shortest or the scenic route? Or with a driverless or driverful experience?
  4. Breaking silos: In pursuit of the ideal commute and looking at the potential of Mobility-as-a-Service we will discuss how to create frictionless multimodality. This entails going beyond private versus public, blending macro and micro and breaking down sectors, silos and typologies.

Key questions to explore

  • How do we balance sustainable efficiency and systemic needs against desirability and inherent individual behaviour?
  • How do we avoid being blinded by mobility hypes?
  • How do we calculate and design for ideal throughput?
  • How do we induce desirability and responsibility in the sharing ecosystem?
  • How do we create attractive commuter experiences?
  • How do we achieve frictionless multimodality and go beyond sectors and silos?


Speakers on Optimal Throughput:

Jens Martin Skibsted (DK), Co-founder of Strategic Design Group.

Jan-Olaf Willums (NO), founder of Zero Emissions Transport, co-founder Move About.

Speakers on Owning Sharing:

Robin Chase (US), Co-founder Zipcar, Veniam & New Urban Mobility(NUMO) Alliance.

Panel on Owning Sharing: 

Erdem Ovacik, CEO at Donkey Republic.

Thomas Heltborg Juul (DK), Managing Director at Green Mobility DK. 

Kristian Agerbo (DK), Head of Public Policy and Market Development at VOI.

Speakers on Driverful Experiences:

Jens Martin Skibsted (DK), Co-founder of Strategic Design Group.

Peter Sorgenfrei (DK), CEO at holo.

Klaus Bondam, CEO at Danish Cyclists’ Association

Speakers on Breaking Silos:

David Kester (UK), Managing Director at David Kester & Associates.

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Desired Outcome

Our four perspectives each serve as points of departure to provide a different take on defining the ideal commute. Throughout the day, we’ll explore each perspective with a view to identifying the key parameters that constitute the ideal commute, and the actions needed to get there. Our facilitators will ensure documentation which will be collected and shared with participants after the summit.

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Who are your Summit hosts?

Jens Martin Skibsted (DK)

Jens Martin Skibsted is known for his urban mobility designs and his collaborations with designers such as Marc Newson, Karim Rashid and Bjarke Ingels. His work with urban mobility stretches from designing a flying car to iconic and award-winning two-wheelers, and recently, an EV based on nordic design principles. He is a recognized public speaker and known for sharing his design thoughts and visions at the World Economic Forum and in publications such as Fast Company, Harvard Business Review and the Washington Post. He is a co-founding partner of Strategic Design Group, a hybrid design consultancy composed of digital, industrial and strategic designers.

David Kester (UK)

David works with business, governments and the third sector on systems and service design. As former CEO for the UK Design Council and the Commission for Architecture & the Built Environment, he pioneered public service transformation across government for a ten year period.  David now runs strategic design consultancy DK&A where he has led the Design Vision for the UK’s new high-speed rail infrastructure, HS2 Ltd over the last five years. His current projects range across sustainable technology, crime prevention, and retail transformation. As a committed educator, David is a co-founder of the Design Thinkers Academy in London and a Hon. Prof at Warwick Business School, and a Senior Fellow of the Royal College of Art.

Sofie Holstein-Homann (DK)

Sofie is a partner at Strategic Design Group. With over a decade of experience in the design industry, Sofie helps businesses create and move towards aspirational visions for the future with a focus on insights and experimental business design. Having worked for global clients such as Audi, Samsung, Telenor, LEGO, Lloyds Banking Group and Novo Nordisk, Sofie bridges the design spectrum from design research and strategy to service and product design.

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