Danish Biotech Makers and Startups – What’s Next?

Friday, Sep 7
17:00 — 19:30
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Danish Biotech Makers and Startups – What’s Next?

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The Danish biotech startup and maker scene has of late blossomed with wonderful initiatives and innovative mindsets. Amazing DIY biotech movements, networks and societies are fostering serendipity and inspiration for students and professionals alike, and with many more still emerging, the scene is rapidly pushing forward. Explore the landscape with a list of diverse speed talks from Danish biotech, foodtech, medtech and agtech communities. The meetup will have an interactive discussion session where to audience can challenge the status quo and learn more about challenging questions such as: “Can synthetic biology help us deal with climate change? “, “Are constant monitoring and prevention the answer to better healthcare?”, or “When will we grow our meat in the lab?”. Everyone is welcome – from biotech enthusiasts to school teachers to curious citizens.


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REBBLS is a group of biotech enthusiasts with the mission of creating valuable interdisciplinary connections between talents for building tomorrow’s life science! We challenge the convention and inspire entrepreneurial mindsets by facilitating rebellious events. Read more here.

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