Why Women in Tech Makes Sense

Friday, Sep 6
17:30 — 19:30

Why Women in Tech Makes Sense

This session is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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Explore Why the World of Tech Needs More Diversity!

Many companies within Tech and IT ask for more gender diversity. However, women entering this rather male-dominated area often encounter several challenges or feel unsuitable in the environment. These challenges and the Tech environment have been stereotypically presented in many years with bias against women and a masculine environment.

This session seeks to highlight why diversity is important in the creation of new products and solutions. This session seeks to enlighten and discuss the challenges that work against diversity, and above all, encourage women to follow a career within tech or IT because that is where the magic happens! 

Otherwise said, this session explores why women make sense in technology.

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Hear interesting input from 

Marianne Steen

Marianne is self-employed in and Co-Founder of prodii.comWith more than 20 years in tech, management and Digital Transformation, Marianne has observed why Tech and IT is a good fit for women. She works with mentoring girls to pursue a career within tech and advise companies on how to attract diverse talent are part of her agenda when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

Pernille Sandberg Bech

Pernille is the CEO & Founder Goodtalks // Keynote Speaker. One year ago, Pernille jumped from a comfortable position as Head of HR into the unknow startup life. She created Goodtalks – a community where women support each other within their career. Pernille believes in making social media social again and that we have to move from SoMe to SoYou!

Jonas Munk

Jonas is Co-tribe lead, Data & AI, Vice President of Digital, Nuuday. During the past 4 years, Jonas has seen a significant increase in female applicants – something he believes has increased his likehood of finding the ideal candidate for the job. Jonas believes that a diverse team is key, and women and men challenge each other in different ways. 


Signe Hjorth Hansen (DK)

Signe is a core team member at Women in Tech DK, as well as the Commercial Manager at Nuuday, a grouping of 8 brands providing digital solutions and services to the Danish population and businesses.

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