April 4, 2019

An invitation from the organizers

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Calling all digital doers, tech leaders, thinkers and movement builders. We’re gathering in September to get our dear internet back on track.

It is simply the question of our times: How should technology impact our humanity?

Without a doubt, the marvels of tech are breathtaking: Connecting humans around the world,  improving the quality of life for millions, stretching the limits of our human capabilities. ?

The world of tech started out so playful, naive, fearless and with no regrets. That is why it is interesting for so many of us to work with, and why it’s changed so much for us all.

Today, the tech innovations that grew up in garages and basements are now among the most powerful companies in the world. And they have become the most trusted tools to guide our lives. Our kids’ reality is fundamentally changed by what we created.

The ‘tech-tonic plates’ are moving quickly these years, rewiring our understanding of how we as societies must adjust, shape and lead in a world, where tech is all powerful. This means time for new thinking and new leadership in tech. And it most certainly means a time where all decisions matter. Tech matters. We matter.

The mission of Techfestival is to return to the human era of technology. And begin the societal era of the internet. With this festival, we have created a place to find new balances between the individual and the collective. A place to reinvent our democratic and societal systems to the internet. A place to explore the impact our decisions will have on society years from now.

Techfestival is ready to serve – are you with us?
With this mission, we now call on all the doers, tech leaders, thinkers and movement builders from startups, tech industries, academia, media, public government, cities, arts and beyond. The pioneering work we have in front of us take a collaborative effort. It is paramount that we all crawl out of our silos and start exploring together. Technology is too important to be left to technologists. Just as society is too important to be left to politicians.

No hype! An invitation for real talk and tech leadership
Come to Copenhagen and be part of a truly participatory festival, where we explore technological progress.

This year, we’ll drive 200+ workshop, conversations and deep-dive sessions exploring new pathways in: Democracy, Open data, Applied AI, Cybersecurity, Transparency, Decentralisation, IOT, sustainability, HomeTech, Food, Kids, Health, Voice, Lovetech, Death, Mobility, Co-working, Design, Marketing, UX, New Media, VR, Gaming, Podcasts, Music, Streaming, Digital Manufacturing, DIY, Maker, Investments, Bootstrapping, Sharing Economy, Crowdfunding,  and much much more.

And our think tank ‘150’ will convene once again, continuing the thought-leadsership it has been driving with Copenhagen Letter and Copenhagen Catalog, showing a new direction in tech.

Forget your standard pitch and leave your roll-ups behind. You are here to learn, explore and prototype new models. This is an unbranded, no hype environment dedicated to the hard questions, new bold projects, tangible use cases, real tech inventions and ‘vague but interesting ideas’.

We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen, September 5th-7th.

Thomas Madsen Mygdal and Marie Louise Gørvild  
Techfestival Organizers


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