Gathering the co-creators

Each year, a large segment of the Techfestival program is envisioned, executed and co-hosted with a multitude of humans who are experts in their own field. We caught up with CBS (Copenhagen Business School) student Anna Anttila at Techfestival’s co-host info-session to find out more.

On the first night of Distortion, the annual 5-day street fest which disrupts and disarrange Copenhagen, a group of interdisciplinary humans traversed the crowded streets to join in on this year’s first info-session on becoming a co-host at Techfestival. Whilst a couple of beers and bowls of snacks passed around, coalescing with the vibe entering from the street outside, the Techfestival crew welcomed the crowd. And whilst a few co-creator veterans slumped against a table or chair, a majority stood unaware of what to expect, driven solely by wild curiosity and an unruly desire to partake.

One of such humans, and perhaps the youngest in the crowd, was the 21-year-old Anna Anttila. Having already participated in Techfestival before as part of last year’s volunteer crew, Anna had returned – this time to make her own ideas come alive.

Why did you come to the co-creator kick-off today?

“Last year, my head was already bustling with ideas on what I could do to be part of the festival even more. This year, those ideas have become more tangible, and I think now is a good time to release them to the world. And what better place to do that than Techfestival?”

What’s your background?

“I’m about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from CBS, so I’m still at an early stage in my career.” Anna’s so-called ‘early stage’ is jam-packed with events organising, co-creating an academy for entrepreneurs, and sucking up as much energy and inspiration as possible from her student job within tech – or as said modestly by Anna, “just a lot of hanging out in the startup-sphere of Copenhagen.”

Following a line of speeches and general information, participants were asked to contribute their burning question in tech to the co-creator ‘Mind-chain Map’, and then draw connections to create new ideas or build upon those of the other participants. In more than one meaning of the word, Anna’s chosen strategy was augmentation.

What was your burning question today?

“It was actually in connection with someone writing about making cities more interactive and more liveable. I think augmented reality is something we can use to help make cities more digital, and in that way, help make them smarter. So, I just that as an addition to what someone else had put there.”

What did you gain from the kick-off session today?

“It helped make the idea of being a co-creator more tangible. I feel like now I know what’s actually going to take place in the co-creator sessions, how Techfestival can help us understand how to make the session better, and how we can reach out to others and actually make it happen.”

By the end of the evening, the bits (and bytes) which people had brought in the beginning had come together to form a new set of interdisciplinary connection that will ultimately become the building blocks of this year’s Techfestival program.

Our next co-creator kick-off is taking place on June 12th in Copenhagen. For more info on co-hosting opportunities, get in touch with our program coordinator Zeina.

June 10, 2019

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