150 technologists convened to create the technologists’ oath for responsible tech.

This weekend, representatives from the tech industry met to hold each other accountable. 50 people from 40+ different countries gathered for a 24-hour think-tank, Techfestival 150, to agree on a simple, yet powerful oath for individuals to sign: The Tech Pledge.  

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A Global Initiative.

During Techfestival 2019, the think-tank Techfestival150 gathered representatives from the international tech community to create a physical commitment for people working within tech to take. The result is The Tech Pledge, and was made to emphasise the need for a new direction in tech. It and should be seen as a promise to ensure responsible and sustainable tech leadership, akin to the Hippocratic oath for doctors, taken as a promise to make tech a force for good. A commitment to driving a new direction in technology.

Why do we need responsibility?

In the era of Cambridge Analytica, data abuse, surveillance, illegal sound recordings and design for addiction, we need to rebuild trust in tech. Tech is no longer in the garage, tech is in charge – and with it, responsibility follows. 

The Tech Pledge is born from within the tech industry. Co-created by a diverse group of one-hundred and fifty selected people, including designers, founders, open-source leaders, executives, web pioneers, digital educators, community builders, activists, venture capitalists and thinkers. 40+ countries and varied mix of men, women and non-binaries were represented when we convened in Copenhagen. With the ambition to put humans and society before business, the think-tank created a pledge that adds to democratic values, human rights and the UN Global Goals. A pledge to serve one’s community and act on criticism. To put responsible thinking back into the industry. To hold each other accountable for what is being created.

150 technologists – 24 hours – 1 pledge

All participants were asked to address one single burning question in tech. Very quickly, a pattern emerged, leading the conversation forward: How do we create for the greater good? What laws govern responsible tech? What are the guidelines for designing with intent, transparency and love? And how can we ensure that companies focus on real value? To uncover the answer, go read the pledge.

Acknowledged by thousands of digital leaders

The pledge is spreading across the globe. In start-ups, tech-companies and institutions, employees have made the decision to sign the pledge, hereby committing to make tech a force for good in society. In the previous two years, the think tank has created The Copenhagen Letter, an open invitation to all those who shape technology, and The Copenhagen Catalog, 150 guiding principles for a new direction in tech. The Copenhagen Letter has been signed by more than 5.000 digital leaders around the world and, along with the Catalog, praised by industry pioneers. With The Tech Pledge, the time has come to commit to this new direction.

You, me and everyone can sign The Tech Pledge. It is a personal commitment and made to be signed and shared on an individual basis by all those who care about the future of technology. Sign the pledge today.

We encourage you to take the Pledge – to spread the word and join us in committing to a new direction in tech. 

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