Techfestival Summits

What is a Summit? And how are they different from the rest of our events?

As we welcome the first three deep-dive Summits to the programme – Coworking 2019, Community Leadership and Corporate x Startup – we take the chance to explore further what role they play in our programme, and why.

Each year, the Techfestival programme is curated from a wide range of topics relevant to humans and technology. But the goal is not just to make meaningful connections and enlighten the general public. We want to create output.

This is where the Summits come in.

What are Summits?

Summits are targeted workshops looking to explore a relevant topic in tech. To maximise the experience of participation and generate the best output, we schedule each Summit to last one full day, resulting in ultimate deep-dive sessions.

By professionals, for professionals

Summits are hosted by a number of driven humans from all across the world, coming to Copenhagen to help push forth new conversations on tech. Together with them, we set up the framework for meaningful discussions, frictions and debate, to outline the big questions of our time.

Unlike Sessions that are open to all, Summits are specifically aimed at and relevant to professionals and experts. As such, participation in Summits is limited to those who apply beforehand, or by invite only. The aim is to gather the best minds and biggest thinkers within their field of expertise, to drive the new direction in tech.

Participation around meaningful connections

According to the British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, 150 is “the number of people you would not feel embarrassed about joining uninvited for a drink if you happened to bump into them in a bar.” In the 1990s, he estimated this exact number to be the cognitive limit for social relationships. We have chosen to take Mr Dunbar’s word for it and restrict Summit signups to anywhere between 50 and 150 participants. Our Summits aim to accumulate a high level of professionalism and knowledge-driven debate, without compromising on intimacy and individual engagement.

During the festival days, 5-7 September, 20 Summits or more will shape the programme, from early morning to late afternoon. The Summits will take place across venues within and around the Meatpacking District – a stone’s throw from chance encounters and cordial drinks.

See the full programme here

June 14, 2019

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