A festival for the truly disruptive thinkers in tech.

Techfestival is open to all those curious about the future of technology. Each year, we welcome a great number of humans eager to help facilitate the next big conversation on tech progress. Keep scrolling to find out how you can be part of Techfestival 2019. The future of technology is in your hands.



Techfestival was created to guide humans back into the centre of tech development. Last year, 250+ co-creators from around the globe joined us in making a truly participatory festival for humans of all ages and backgrounds. This year too, we are looking to you to help convene humans and technology. Host an event, workshop or talk with your wildest ideas and bring us your most creative output. Help us create a new wave in tech. At Techfestival, we don’t consume. We create.

Over the last two years, we have had more than 500 co-creators to help organize and host events, to raise the most important tech questions of our times and drive conversations at Techfestival. We call these amazing humans co-creators.

It is owing to all of our amazing co-creators, who answered our calls and dived head first into Techfestival with us that Techfestival has become what it is: A new conversation, a new participatory experience and a new meeting place for humans and technology. 

Join our community of Techfestival co-creators

We’ve dubbed this year’s co-creator opportunity ‘Techfestival Sessions’. A way for you to take part, build a global conversation and engage with our community of digital minds from around the world – and have a lot of fun with us in Copenhagen!

Easy setup:

  • Pick a burning question or interesting development in your field of expertise. We are not looking for a standard pitch, but a conversation that will help us understand opportunities, friction and new pathways. We are not here to show off our knowledge – we are here to get wiser together.
  • We work with you to line up great speakers. We take care of venue, production and marketing – you bring the right people.
  • Pick an engaging format – we will help brainstorm the best interactive and participatory formats for your topic.
  • Drive a 2-3 hours deep-dive session at Techfestival with the aim to marvel, engage and inspire all of our 10,000+ participants.

Please be aware that we welcome co-creators from startups, organisations, government bodies etc., as long as you are hosting them as an individual tech human.

Get ready to co-create with us! 

Get in touch with our Sessions coordinator Zeina.

Interested in a corporate partnership with co-branding and co-organising special events? Get in touch here

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Let’s play! With love,

Your Techfestival Team


Human Hotel

Host or stay with a like-hearted human

Techfestival is about real meetings and real conversations. That is why we’re collaborating with our friends at Human Hotel home-sharing community to offer each of our international guests a unique opportunity to stay in the home of a like-hearted local during the festival.

Both visiting guests and their curated local hosts are up for a memorable, human experience with the opportunity to truly connect with fellow thinkers and creators – and to take home the conversations that Techfestival is all about.

Human Hotel is a Copenhagen-born home-sharing community on a mission to maximise meaningful meetings. Find out more:



A human-driven festival requires…well, humans! 140 volunteers help maintain awareness, guide festival-goers and overall create and maintain a magical atmosphere. Become part of the Techfestival Crew when we welcome 300+ tech experts, digital frontrunners, web-legends and more from 5-7 September in Copenhagen.

Join Techfestival 2019!

As a Techfestival volunteer, you have the chance to be part of a big crew of passionate people working on the same mission. You get to meet new friends, explore technology, and learn how to build and create the ultimate festival experience. Whether you’re a complete rookie in the world of tech or already a working professional within the field, this is a great opportunity to learn, explore and be a part of something big.

You can volunteer as a Techfestival Hero or a Techfestival Crew Member – both will get free wristband, t-shirt and treats to keep the energy high during their shifts.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write us at crew@techfestival.co

Techfestival Hero

Want to gain more insight and responsibility regarding our co-creation of Techfestival? We invite you to become a Hero – and lend us your time and resources for 1-2 days depending on the task. Dive into our summits, take charge of coordination or be the support of your fellow crew members.

As a Techfestival Hero. we ask you to volunteer for 1-2 days (or more if you like) from 5th – 7th September + attend the Hero briefing ahead of the festival.

Find out more.

Techfestival Crew Member

There are several ways you can help out as a crew member – take a look below and read further about being part of the crew at Techfestival:

Hosting events & Dinners
During the festival, we will host dinners and parties for our co-creators and participants. As a volunteer, you will help setting up and servicing guests during these events.

Sessions & Summits
We are utilising several venues in the Meatpacking District and we need people to assist at the different Sessions and Summits. That would, for instance, entail guiding people and making sure that everything is running smoothly and according to schedule.

Production & Build-up
We need people who don’t mind lifting heavy stuff to help out with the build-up of the festival. This includes setting up stages and preparing the different installations. So, if you’re into using your hands, this is definitely the task for you.

The Street Crew – before the festival
Just before the festival, we need friendly volunteers to take to the streets and make people aware of Techfestival. This task involves handing out flyers and wristbands. As part of The Street Crew, you will also visit our stakeholders’ and partners’ locations to deliver wristbands and set up posters.

Info-booth & Installations
At the main festival area, we need people who are helpful and friendly to manage our Info-booth where people collect their wristbands. Human Guides will be at entrances and walk around the main festival area. As a Human Guide you have insight in the map, programme and logistics. We greatly encourage you to sign up for several Info-booth shifts and will designate shifts to those who do.

If you’re mainly into to just helping out where help is needed and getting glimpses of all corners of the festival, look no further. We need runners at the base to stand-by if smaller tasks should come up. And trust us, they will!


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We are working full speed to present more than 200 events over the course of three days in Copenhagen’s iconic Meatpacking District. If you want to spread the word or apply for press accreditation, please feel free to get in touch.

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