Be a Hero!

Interested in becoming a Techfestival Hero? Great! Welcome to the crew!

As a Techfestival Hero, you will gain more responsibilities and greater insight into the festival. You will also be the support of your fellow Techfestival Crew members and that awesome person who’ll keep everyone’s energy running high.

Techfestival Summit Hero

If you apply for being a Summit Hero you are in for a treat. You are invited to be in charge of one of our amazing Summits. 

As a Techfestival Summit Hero, you are prepared to assist the execution of the Summits as the official Techfestival representative. You will be in close contact with our co-creators when executing the event as well as being the go-to person if issues and/or questions should arise. You will also be in charge of presenting the co-creators and welcoming them to the stage. As such, being friendly and unafraid of speaking to an audience is a definite plus.

As a Techfestival Summit Hero, we require you to volunteer for 1-2 full days (08:00 – 18:00) from 5th – 7th September + attend the Hero briefing ahead of the festival. (Date and time TBA)

Techfestival Hero
As a Techfestival Hero you are eager to get closer to the engine room of Techfestival. You are invited to help coordinate, manage, build, host or join whichever project you want to support in creating and executing Techfestival 2019. 

As a Techfestival Hero we require you to volunteer for 1-2 full days before, during or after the festival + attend the Hero briefing ahead of the festival depending on tasks. (Date and time TBA)

Does any of the above sound like you? Then we’re happy to have you on board! Sign up to join here.

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